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35mm/HD Comparison

Recently digital cameras are getting closer to the look of 35mm film. This is due in part to using the same PL mounted cine lenses as well as a S35 sensor. These new digital cameras like the Red Epic and the Alexa camera have the ability to record raw data. The scope for grading RAW footage is better than cameras which bake in a colour space. Raw data is essentially "What the sensor saw", this means we can change white balance setting before we process the raw data giving us more more flexability in post.

Digital Cinema Camera post production compared to 35mm film

Digital Cinema Camera process

Record to Camera Drives, SSDs, Compact flash cards or SXS cards
Copy files direct to computer and import in to offline edit suite
Begin offfline edit
Generate EDL
Take EDL to grading suite and relink to camera raw files instantly
Colour grade
Record to film

35mm film process
Record to film roll
Process Film at Lab
Telecine camera negative to tape
Digitize footage in to offline edit suite
Begin offline edit
Generate EDL
Take EDL and original camera negative to Telecine suite
Scan film neg in accordance with edl and conform
Colour grade
Record back to film

The digital Camera process makes getting your camera files in to your edit suite much quicker. In gneral the proocess is quicker and simpler. Some 35mm films will undergo a full Di prcess and will be colour timed for the print which can also be a cost effective way to shoot.

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