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As digital camera technology gets better so does the image quality. Film is still the gold standard but digital is catching up and due to budget constraints more and more productions are choosing to go down this route. We envisage this trend to continue and hope to be a the forefront of this exciting new digital age. Sonic Films will look to support future Ultra hi-def cameras that are released. We will continue to research the most practical equipment to use in order to provide fast and effecient workflows, giving our clients the confident to shoot with these new emerging camera systems.

About Sonic Films, Red One camera Rental, Red One Digital Cinema Camera Post Production

Sonic films was setup in 2007 to specialize in the emerging high end digital market and was the first company in the UK to rent the Red One Camera. The company now works with a whole host of new Ultra High definition digital camera systems, Red Epic, Arri Alexa, Sony F65, F55, Canon 500 etc.
We pride ourselves in making the process of working with Ultra high difinition footage as painless and simple as possible. From being on-set through to the final grade we can make sure we maximise the quality of the images coming from these cameras. We adopt the most advanced and sophisticated tools to make working with digital cameras simple and trouble free. On-set we use anything from a fully loaded DIT cart capable of backing up and converting rushes at an incredible speed to a mobile setup with one of the latest mac book pro retina laptops. We can also provide a DIT van with a blacked out room for editing or critical onset viewing. We can make up custom luts that we can apply to onset monitoring and editorial rushes.
Sonic films can supply multiple digital cameras completely kitted out and ready for hire. All of our cameras can be dry hired or supplyed with a digital imaging technician to ensure an economical, secure and successful production. Once shooting is finished we can edit, online and colour grade your footage which can then be made in to a digital cinema pack, a master file or layed off to tape. Our dubbing area can handle any duplication requirements needed.
Sonic Films has worked with many of the biggest production companies in the UK and has successfully dealt with many of the largest post facilities in England attempting to intergrate footage into their workflows. With numerous projects under our belt and a thorough understanding of your post production needs look no further than Sonic films.


    Sonic films is a digital Imaging and post production company 0207 193 7401 • Colm@sonicfilms.co.uk • 10-11 Percy Street, London, United Kingdom