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Digital Cinema Packages

Our DCP's are made to the Digital Cinema Initiative Specifications.

In order for us to make the highest quality DCP we ask you to provide us with a high quality source file, either a Tiff or DPX sequence, a HDcam SR tape or an Uncompressed Quicktime, Proress 444 or DNxHD 444 File, we can howver make DCP from a wide range of other formats

Services we can provide

* DCP's made from a range of various formats, Quicktime files, AVI, MP4s, MXF, Jpeg, PNG, Blu-Rays and all tape formats
* Fast same day Digital Cinema Package service
* Checking of source material in our calibrated colour grading suite
* Resizing of source material to DCI spec
* Playback of DCP in our Calibrated Grading suite
* Colour grading or fx fixing
* Retiming of Picture and Audio, 25fps to 24fps, 23.976fps to 24fps
* Creation of SMPTE subtitles
* Creation 3d or 4k DCP's
* Generation of KDMs
* Viewing of DCP in a Screening Room

Rates for a 2k unencrypted DCP  
Duration Cost
up to 5 minutes £150
up to 10 minutes £250
up to 20 minutes £350
up to 30 minutes £450
up to 40 minutes £550
up to 50 minutes £650
up to 60 minutes £750
up to 120 minutes £950
up to 120 minutes with encryption £1050
Please enquire for 3D or 4K DCPs  

Prices include

* QC of your Film
* Linux formatted USB dongle or Hard Drive
* Framerate conversion of source video and audio to 24fps if neccessary

In order for us to provide this quick cost effeciant service we need to make sure you provide us with your film in the correct format.

Please double check the following before we receive your files.

* Your film is 24fps (if not we can convert to 24fps at no extra charge)
*Audio is either provided as a Stereo 24bit left and Right Channels separate mono files or 24bit 5.1 surround sound is supplied as 6 mono tracks.
* Your film is in one of these format, Tiff Sequence, DPX sequence, Uncompressed Quicktime, Prores 444 or DNxHD 444
* The resolution is either 1998 x 1080, 1920 x 1080, 2048 x 858, 2048×1080, we can resize your film, there is no extra charge for this service
*Please thoroughly check your film for any glitches or audio sync problems, we will check this again before we make the DCP

A normal USB 2 hard drive is included if you want a CRU Dataport drive this will cost extra.

If you need any more infomation please do not hesitate to contact us, colm@sonicfilms.co.uk

A Selection of DCP's we have created


Let Me Go
Format: Feature Film
Post Services: DCP


Crossing The Line
Format: Documentary
Post Services: DCP


Fall of an Empire
Format: Feature Film
Post Services: Colour Grade, FX, DCP

  dit services

Here Lies
Format: Feature Film
Post Services: DCP


Meet Me On The South Bank
Format: Feature Film
Post Services: Colour Grade, Sound, DCP

  dit services

Undead Sun
Format: Art Installation at The Imperial War Musem
Post Services: Colour Grade, DCP

  dit services

Format: Short Film
Post Services: DCP

  dit services Disaster Playground
Format: Documentry
Post Services: Online, Sound, Colour Grade, DCP
  dit We Are here
Format: Art Film
Post Services: Colour Grade, DCP
  dit services

The Voice In The Head
Format: Short Film
Post Services: DCP







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