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Fox Rebrand - Red Camera hire, Conform and Grade

Sonic Films provided cameras and on set digital imaging services for the FX Channel rebrand. Over 4 days,we had to shoot 5 x 20 second idents in various locations from a car park to comedy club. Directors Mark Harrison and Pete Bradley chose to shoot with the red camera in order to achieve a very clean look to the piece that would match closely to the 3D elements. We quickly converted the red camera files to avid offline files. Once the edit was completed we prepped high rez dpx files of the cuts in order for the 3D artist to be able to get as accurate a track on the red camera footage. Then all 5 idents were conformed and graded here at Sonic Films. Numerous keys and power windows were used to create the high constrast look they were after. When finished the 3D graphics were composited over the graded footage ready for layoff to tape.



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