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How a DIT can save you time and money?

Whether you are shooting on an Alexa, Epic, canon or Sony cameras one of our experienced DITs can save you time and money on your shoot. Here are some of the typical things we can do onset.

Back up rushes to 3 locations using checksum software
Transcoding of rushes to edit files

Check footage for focus and any other disparities
Apply grade to rushes before transcoding to prores or mxf files.
Sync Audio and video together before transcoding files.
Test greenscreen key on footage
Edit footage onset to check continuity
Apply Luts to onset monitors

By the end of one of your shoot you will be able to start editing with synced rushes that are already in the format you need to edit with. If this had to be done by your post house it could add an extra day to your post schedule on a typical one day commercial.





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