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Normally when we talk of high definition we refer to HDCAM which has a resolution of 2.2 million pixels and an image sensor two thirds the size of 35mm film. The latest breeds of digital cameras both the Red and Alexa camera has over 4 times more pixels than that of a HDCAM camera. This is due to their sensor sizes being similar to that of 35mm film, which means not only are they close to film in terms of resolution but also by being able to use 35mm cine lenses that give us the same shallow depth of field and characteristics typical of 35mm film. This amazing new technology has finally given us a credible alternative to shooting on film.

The major benefits of shooting with the these digital cameras are that you can dramatically cut down on the costs of stock, processing and telecine. No more delays whilst you wait for your rushes to be processed in order to see your dallies. You get instant playback on set of your camera rushes. Since your footage is recorded to cf card or hard drive, once this is full you can plug it in to a laptop and playback your footage without the need to convert footage.

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