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RED V Alexa

Whether your shooting on a Epic camera or an Alexa we believe the workflow is very simple.

Alexa Camera
Alexa records prores 444 log files or Avid MXF files
Multiple copies of rushes are made onset
prores 444 files are trancoded to prores 422 linear files for edit
When edit is locked, final sequence is relinked to prores 444 files
Timeline is sent to be graded

Epic Camera
Red Epic records 5K raw files and through Pix 240,Ki Pro mini or Atomas samurai records prores hd or mxf files for Edit.
When edit is locked, final sequence is relinked to the 5k raw files
Timeline is sent to be graded.
We can either grade in the raw file format or transcode our finished sequence to dpx files before grading.

From this example you can see that the workflow for each camera isn't very difficult, the Alexa workflow is slightly more straight forward as it doesn't require a separate on board recorder to record edit files.



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