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Archive Red Camera Footage to LTO Tape at Sonic Films

Real-time convertion of footage from any Camera file to any format or platform. Also if you supply us audio wavs files we can automatically sync these up with your rushes.

Red Camera raw files to:
Quicktimes: Apple Pro res, Avid MXF files, H.264
image sequences: DPX , Tiff, Targa , EXR
Arri Camera Raw files to:
Prores, Avid MXF files, H.264
DPX , Tiff, Targa , EXR
Arri Alexa Prores to:
Avid MXF files
DPX , Tiff, Targa , EXR
Canon C300, 5d, 7D to:
Prores, Avid MXF files
DPX , Tiff, Targa , EXR

Blu-ray/DVD encoding
We use extremely effectient codecs to encode bluray and dvds which create fantastic looking images.

DCP creation
Provide us with a file of your finished film or commercial and we can make you a DCP package.


MTV commercial - Produced, Shot, Edited and Colour Graded at Sonic Films

Sonic Films is able to offer our clients the most advanced, professional, rapid and cost effective method of conforming footage shot on a variety of camera formats.

Our Scratch systems allow us to conform with the original camera files, be that 4K R3D files, Prores 444, Arri Raw, phantom raw, Canon h.264 or hdcamsr.


Archive Red Camera Footage to LTO Tape at Sonic Films LTO Tape used for storing an exact camera copy of footage shot on the Red One Camera.

LTO tape is a standard in many industries where large volumes of data need to be stored for long periods and as such it has an estimated shelf life of over 50 years. The beauty of LTO compared to HDCAM and DigiBeta is that we retain an exact digital copy of what the camera has recorded holding all of the metadata. camera recorded.. Other tape based archives require the footage to be scaled down in resolution and have the colourspace baked into it, giving you less options in the future. Storing footage on harddrives can lead to problems such as "Sticktion" which is an issue that effects harddrives that have not been powered for long periods of time.

LTO is also very cost effective for our clients. Data backups and archiving are done in house and with strenuous checks taken to ensure complete and reliable copying.
LTO Tape - Archive Red camera footage

LTO Tape is a file based tape that can store an exact copy of what the camera created.

Archive Red Camera Footage to LTO Tape at Sonic Films 2K/1080p Playout to Tape

Sonic Films can now offer our clients the ability to playout to tape directly from the original camera footage with no need for timely processing. We can play out to a range of tape formats including HDCAM SR.
LTO Tape - Archive Red camera footage


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